How To Be Successful

I'm not. I'm just running low on ideas. I probably shouldn't have told you that. What defines success? "The accomplishment of an aim or purpose". That's what google told me. Does that mean that I could say I'm successful if; I set the aim to finish this blog post. That doesn't sound too hard (however, I struggle to stay interested in my own writing).

Many of us view successful people as famous people. But, what makes someone famous. It's impossible to accurately figure out but let's say everyone with a Wikipedia page is 'famous.  Wikipedia requires a certain threshold of notability for someone to get a Wikipedia page. Take that number, divided by the total global population (or maybe more precisely, the global English-speaking population) and you have the fraction of famous people in the world. So here are the numbers: as of January 15, 2013, the number of pages in the category of Living People on Wikipedia is 604,174. The total global population is 7,059,837,187. This means that the fraction of living famous people is 0.000086. Using only the total English-speaking population of the world (approximately 1.49 billion), the fraction is 0.00041. So the fraction of famous people, using this rough approximation is somewhere between about  1 in 10,000 and 5 in 10,000 (or 1 in 2,000).

Whether or not this is changing over time—is notability easier to achieve?—is a bit more difficult to answer. It is not as easy to count the number of total individuals, both living and dead, on Wikipedia—those individuals who have stood the test of time—and this is of course intertwined with the question of how fame decays over the years. Perhaps whoever answers that question will get their own Wikipedia page. Perhaps I'll get my own Wikipedia page. If I set that as an "aim or purpose" then upon completion I will have achieved my success. I will be 'famous'.

Of course, I'm going off topic. You probably clicked on this expecting some how-to guide on becoming successful. How'd you expect me to know that. I'm not even successful myself. That can be my goal. I have previously exclaimed how I hate New Years resolutions. I despise them. Maybe that can be my New Years resolution. To be successful. It's the best. Vague and cheesy. What more could you want. Last year, my head of year made us all write our resolutions on a piece of paper and he then put them up on the wall. Bearing in mind we were 15, not only was this an insane suggestion but an unsuccessful idea. Unsuccessful. See what I did there? What was funny is I wrote genuinely "My New Years resolution is to upload weekly to YoTube". I couldn't even do that.