It's a word we hear a lot. No one wants it for themselves but in most situations, whether or not you mean it intentionally, they wish it upon the competition. The other team, person or player. It doesn't matter how you get there, you just want it. We wanted it. Badly.

Let me give you the situation so you can actually understand me to a certain extent. I don't often go this deep into my school and personal life so I'll be brief. I play rugby. Rugby is a team game played with an oval ball that may be kicked, carried, and passed from hand to hand. Got me? I mentioned it's a team game. That, therefore, means that there are 15 players in the same (mental, not physical) position as me, 22 including subs, me being one of those subs.

Now you know why we do it, I can explain further. There is a cup. The cup is important. Very important. Not so important that if you lose you never play again. It's actually not all that important to most people. But, to us, it was more than just important. It was vital. I'm now writing this post a few days after the game. By now almost everyone has gotten over the loss. Also, we lost. Did I mention that? I didn't. Why? Because it's hard to say. Not everyone cares, but some do. I care. That's why I'm writing this. I'm letting you know so you care. Hopefully care.

The game went a little like this: ... I'm writing. I can't tell you how it went. What did you expect? To be honest, there isn't much to tell you. It was just like every other match. We played well in some areas and didn't in others. I may refer to the team as we. I played around 2-3 minutes on the field as a player recovered from cramp. Situations don't always need you and this was one of them. You have to face that. The coach didn't not put me on because he forgot. He didn't put me on because the game was at stake and mucking around with a machine that is already running is not only dangerous but requires a certain skill. Our coach has that skill and he used it as well as he could on Thursday. But we, us, the machine, malfunctioned. We didn't break, we had a glitch. A few days later, that machine started up again and worked again. Breaking, would mean either the stoppage of that machine or the need of repair. Glitches require repairs also. We repaired (and this time, not myself) got up and played against another school and drew. Against a lot of odds they drew. 21-21.

To anyone reasonably interested in rugby, understand me here. I consider myself not good at the sport. I try my hardest, use my body and attempt to avoid mistakes (although to always do that would mean a state of perfection had been reached, and trust me, I'm far from that, especially at this sport). I played those three minutes as best as I could and it wasn't enough that day. There's no point in complaining because that won't change anything. The games lost and we're out the cup. That's not it over, though. We will go on to win. We will go on to lose. It's just the rules. Someone had to win and someone had to lose. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. We lost this time. This time.