Taking A Break

Well this is ironic considering my last post.

I will be posting a video to YouTube for those who don't like reading and with a bit of a more indepth description. I have decided that, after much deliberation, I'm going to take a break from my YouTube channel. I know this will affect very little of you I just felt like I should write this to let people know.

When I was 8 years old I fell in love with YouTube and it's what started my love of videoing. Now I'm 15 and am growing bored of creating churned out, repetitive and unoriginal content. I want to make good shit. I have my GCSEs coming up and, although probably 1/9 of them will actually help me getting into film school, I want so badly to do well.

To get a good mark I'm going to have to try hard. I'm not naturally clever at most subjects. I need all the time and concentration my body can provide and the elimination of distractions is a great aid to maximizing that level. One of those big distractions for me is social media. I'll still be there, just less frequently.

Those two are possible the main contributing factors to this decision but another problem in my mind is the level of following I have on YouTube. It's not big. Actually tiny in the grand perspective of things. Not only does that give me less motivation to post regularly, it deprives my hopes of sharing my content with a wider audience.

My way forward, to stay reasonably online, is to work on my Vine. It's different, it's creative and something that I'd really like to see work. I already have a bigger following on Vine than YouTube so it's a better place to boost my content. I hope that some of you will at least give me some early support on the platform and maybe start using it more to view other peoples Vines.

Thanks for the constant support and thank you for getting my YouTube where it is today. I hope that after this break I can come back to something I want to work on making better. Thanks for reading and I hope to be back here soon.

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