Just Millenials

I run a page on an app called Depop. It's like Ebay but cooler and for young people. I was rated in the top 200 on the app. It's got over 5 million users. I'm pretty proud of that.



and a five star rating too


I design

All the posters are designed by me then mocked up in photoshop to look realistic. Once a buyer orders I send their shipping details to a printer along with the design they ordered. From there the printers will print the posters and deal with the shipping. I don't ever touch the product. Cool right? 

Scan 29.jpeg

More & More

I've sold over 300 items turning over £3000 since starting in December 2016. On Depop I operate in the UK only but also sell select items on the site Etsy where I've shipped orders to the USA, Canada, Denmark, Finland and you get the point. 

some trash adverts that were made for promotion